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How do I know what pay rates I get for each facility?

Pay rates can vary depending on the location. Each shift will have the rate available on the posting, so that way you will know how much you will be earning.

What is Emergency/Crisis pay? How Does it work?

When shifts are requested within 4 hours of the needed arrival time, a higher pay rate may be provided. The crisis rate will be posted on the shift at the time you pick it up.

What Holidays do I get Holiday pay for?

Axxess acknowledges and observes federal Holidays. Holiday pay begins at 11:00 p.m. on the eve of the holiday and ends at 11:00 p.m. the night of the Holiday. Holiday pay will be provided only to the staff that has worked a shift on the holiday. The observed Holidays are listed below:


  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Juneteenth
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

When is the pay period, when can I expect to be paid?

Axxess’ pay period is Monday through Sunday. Overnight shifts that start on Sunday will be counted fully as a Sunday shift. Payday is the Friday after the pay period has ended.


  • An example of how the pay period works is if an employee works a Wednesday morning shift, the employee should not expect pay on that upcoming Friday but rather on the following Friday. However, if the employee were to work a Sunday overnight shift, that shift will be on the upcoming Friday’s check because Sunday is the end of the pay period.

I do not see my paycheck deposited and I believe I should have one, who do I contact?

Axxess has until the end of business day on that Friday for checks to hit an employee’s bank account. For any checks not deposited within that time, please contact the scheduler to verify that payment is missing and owed through sending them a message though the scheduling app or contacting them directly.

How do I get overtime?

Overtime pay is given when an employee works over 40 hours in a week at the same location. Overtime hours must be approved by Axxess and the facility upon picking up shifts.

I was scheduled for a shift but they canceled me, will I be compensated?

Facilities can cancel shifts at their discretion, but employees may be compensated when facilities cancel a shift on short notice. Cancellation pay is given when a facility cancels a shift under four hours of the start of the scheduled shift. Employees will be compensated with four hours of pay if they qualify for late cancellation.

Axxess Ride Share

What if I want to pick up a shift but have no way to get there?

As an Axxess employee, you can request transportation if needed for your scheduled shifts at a rate way lower than another transportation company through our exclusive Axxess only ride share.

When to request a ride?

Ride requests should be made when shifts are confirmed. Ride requests must be requested at minimum of 24 hours before the scheduled shifts. If you need a ride for an emergency shift, you may do so, but it is not guaranteed to be scheduled. It is the employee’s responsibility to request rides if needed. Each individual shift must be requested or it is not guaranteed that it will be scheduled.

Get more information and find other answers about Axxess Ride Share on your employee portal. Find answers like:

How much is a ride?

Ride rates vary depending on the distance, shift and time of shift. Each ride confirmation will notify you of the rate.

How do I pay for the ride?

Rides charges for the week will be taken out of the employees check, in the pay period for which the ride was requested.

What is the ride cancellation policy?

Axxess does not charge for ride cancellations if there is at least a four-hour notice. Any requested rides that are canceled by staff under 4 hours do not show at the requested and agreed upon pickup location, are subject to a fee that will be taken out of the employees check.

How do I request a ride?

Rides can be requested though messaging the scheduler (530) 363-7729.

How will I know if my ride is confirmed?

Upon requesting a ride, the Axxess scheduler will contact you to confirm the ride. Any time you want to ensure that a ride is confirmed please text: (530) 363-7729.

Managing My Schedule

How will I know that my shift has been confirmed?

All scheduling is done though our easy-to-use app. Once you pick up a shift in the app and it is approved by the facility and the scheduling team, it will appear on your schedule within our app.

I think I double booked myself, what do I do?

Never worry about double booking yourself when working for Axxess. Any shifts that overlap cannot be picked up unless approved by the scheduling team and you will be notified of the decision.

How do I speak to a Axxess Scheduler directly?

Employees will always have direct access to our scheduling team 24/7. Send us a message on the app, so one of the scheduling staff members can contact you back. If you need to call us, we can be reached at (530) 363-7729.

My schedule says I am working but the facility does not have me on their schedule, what do I do?

If your schedule ever has a discrepancy with a facility’s schedule, you must contact the scheduling team before leaving. There is a chance that the facility has an older or not up-to-date version of the schedule that may be wrong. If an employee leaves due to not seeing their name listed without contacting the scheduling team to confirm, the employee may not be able to be compensated for that time.

How do I download the app?

Once you are hired on at Axxess, we will send you a link to download our scheduling app along with your username and password.

How do I submit my time?

During each shift employees are responsible for clocking in and out of their shift for their time to go onto their time sheet. Any adjustments to the time need to be requested via messaging the staffing team within 24 hours after their shift. Staff are responsible for monitoring their time sheets and ensuring that they have clocked in at the right location and at the correct times.

Shift approval/ Signoff on time sheets

Staff will be notified in our app once a requested shift is confirmed and booked. After each shift, staff will automatically submit a time punch to have it be signed off on by management.

I forgot to Clock-In what do I do?

If you forget to clock in and are at your scheduled shift, please message management on the scheduling app so they can adjust it to the correct time.


What does it mean to be on a facilities DNR List?

Facilities may request that you be placed on their Do Not Return (DNR) list at their discretion. When placed on a DNR list at a facility, this does not mean that you can no longer work for Axxess, but that you cannot return to that location.

If you are put on a facility’s DNR list:

  • Axxess Health Services will notify you of this status and of any schedule changes.
  • Your upcoming shifts at that facility will be removed from your schedule.
  • Open shifts at that location will no longer be visible for you to pick up.


Anytime a facility places an employee on a DNR list, your account may be subject to review. Any employee that is placed on one or more DNR lists within 6 months of another DNR or a review may have their account disabled if the DNR is related to proficiency, performance, or mistreatment of patients or staff.

How do I stay up on Axxess Updates/ Notices

Any new information that Axxess posts or requires staff to acknowledge will be sent out in a notification.

How can I change or update my account information?

Any tax filings must be requested to have a new form sent Direct deposit information can be updated in your app. Direct deposit requests and tax filing changes must be made a week prior to when the account information is being requested to be changed. Any form filled out improperly will be sent back for proper completion.

Verification requests

All employment verification requests can be made through the massage section in the app or via email Employees must work for at least 30 days prior to requesting verification.

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